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I'm currently Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Denison University. After my undergrad at Northwestern University, I spent time in Copenhagen, Boston, and Cologne before getting my PhD from Boston University.

I wonder what, exactly, philosophy is about. Through that wonder, I find myself thinking about thinking, being, non-being, life, and the first person. I also find myself reflecting on the discipline of Philosophy's pains to globalize, and reading old books.


Among the old books I read, I write about phenomenology (the 20th century tradition founded by Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger) and classical Asian philosophy (especially pre-Qin thought 諸子百家 and Mahāyāna Buddhism 大乘).

Zach Joachim, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Denison University

I'm a first-generation Filipino-Tamil American, born and raised in northern New Jersey. I use he/him pronouns, but they/them works too.


Here's my CV.

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